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He was awarded the NJ State State Bar Municipal Court Practitioner of the Year.

He lectures and handles criminal cases, Municipal Court, DWI, traffic and other litigation matters.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016


Criminal Law Committee ABA Solo Div REPORT – FALL 2016



Division Name and Number: Division: 3 – Practice Specialty                                                                         

Division Director Name: Kari Petrasek,

Group Name: Litigation Group  

Reporting Board or Committee: Criminal Law  

Completed By: Kenneth Vercammen Chair, Edison, NJ  

1.    What communications have you had with your committee since last report? (e.g. conference calls, meetings, publications, use of discussion lists, etc.)
-Email to members with Business Plan
-Requested program at New York Annual meeting
-Started work on Proposed book Handling DUI and Drug Possession Defense for Attorneys
-Shared Business Plan with Solosez members
-Sent Request to Dee Lee for Brown Bag webinar
-Continue to Publicize ABA “Criminal Forms Book to help generate revenue for Division
-Added info to GP Solo Linkedin

Book from the American Bar Association
Solo & Small Firm Division Author: Kenneth Vercammen
 Use Criminal Law Forms to help represent persons charged with criminal and traffic offenses. Detailed instruction and valuable insight is offered beginning with the initial contact with the client, to walking into the courthouse, and managing the steps that follow. Two hundred and ten modifiable forms help make criminal lawyers more efficient and productive, while also reducing the chance for mistakes. Criminal Law Forms helps lawyers face the challenges of:
        Criminal defense
        DWI cases
        Juvenile offenses
        Domestic violence
        Traffic violations
        Auto Accidents
        And much more
Regular price $139.95,  GP SOLO Member Price $129.95 To order contact ABA Customer Care, 1-800-285-2221 321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60653 or fax to 312-988-6030 (PC: 5150457)   ISBN:       978-1-61438-879-1
-Also helped publicize ABA book ABA’s “Smart Marketing for Smart Firm Lawyers”  a book from the American Bar Association. My staff implemented many of the ideas to improve our law office. 
Smart Marketing and the Small Firm Lawyer                                                                              
List Price: $59.95                                                                                                                          
Sponsor(s): Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division Publisher(s): ABA Book Publishing  ISBN: 978-1-62722-484-0 Product Code: 5150468 2014, 156 Pages, 7 x 10

2.    Please describe the substance of the activities set forth in number 1 above. - Please see number 2 above.

3- Please list your entity's activities and programs since last report.
Publicize ABA “Criminal Forms Book”

-Provide forms and articles via and

I will send an email every month to the committee members. Almost all of our communication will be by conference calls and e-mail via the GPSolo website. The Committee members will continue to monitor the activities around the country and we will attempt to send out e-mail alerts to members of any “breaking issues”. This frequent communication on timely topics will increase the value of committee involvement! Also send monthly announcements to Solosez. 
- submit article to Jeff Allen for GP Solo eReport

4-Where you are in completing your annual planned activities? Great
5- What is the status on any CLE, publications, articles, etc.?
        The ABA is currently putting together the business use for Proposed book Handling DUI and Drug Possession Defense for Attorneys and will be presenting everything officially at their meeting in September in Cincinnati. We are on hold until then. I am anxious to start work.
-We are waiting for approval of Brown Bag webinar and New York 2017 program.
6- What plans do you have for the rest of the year? Describe any future activities. We will update to the committee regarding criminal law developments and continue to
Provide substantive presentations.
Assist Marketing Department in selling book to raise revenue for Division
-Emails monthly to members, provide members with materials    
Brown Bag webinar for January or February

-Invite members to NJ Bar Assoc Annual Happy Hour at Jersey Shore July 2017
-Meeting in New York City August 2017

7-   Please state how your entity’s activities conform to the Goals of the Division’s Long Range Plan. -Help sustain membership

8-Report on anything else: We continue to help publicize ABA Book: “Smart Marketing For the Small Firm Lawyer” from the American Bar Association.
Sponsor(s):  Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division

9      Are you submitting an action item to be presented to Council and if so, describe. Not this meeting.