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Friday, July 7, 2017

Persons to whom funds may be paid

3B:13A-22. Persons to whom funds may be paid

3B:13A-22. Persons to whom funds may be paidFunds expended under N.J.S. 3B:13A-18 may be paid by the conservator to any person, including the conservatee, to reimburse the conservator for expenditures which he has made, or in advance for services to be rendered to the conservatee when it is reasonable to expect that they will be performed and where advance payments are customary or reasonably necessary under the circumstances.

L.1983, c. 192, s. 1, eff. May 23, 1983.
3B:13A-23. Powers conferred upon conservatorA conservator has all of the powers conferred upon him by law and the terms of this chapter, except that a conservators powers over the property of the conservatee are limited to the investment of income or the expenditure and distribution of income and principal as set forth in N.J.S. 3B:13A-18 and N.J.S. 3B:13A-21, unless other powers are specifically conferred upon the conservator by the court or by the conservatee in an acknowledged writing.

L.1983, c. 192, s. 1, eff. May 23, 1983.
3B:13A-24. Expansion or limitation of conservators powersThe court may, at the time of appointment or later, expand or limit the powers of a conservator otherwise conferred by this chapter, or previously conferred by the court, and may at any time relieve him of any expansion or limitation. If the court expands or limits any power conferred on the conservator, the expansion or limitation shall be stated in certificates of letters of conservatorship thereafter issued. The court shall confer powers to the conservator authorizing only that intervention which it finds to be least restrictive of the conservatees rights while consistent with the conservatees welfare and safety. The basis for the finding shall be in the record of the court.