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Friday, July 7, 2017

Right of persons to be heard

3B:13A-7. Right of persons to be heard

3B:13A-7. Right of persons to be heard The persons receiving notice pursuant to N.J.S. 3B:13A-6 may, upon approval of the court and in the interest of the conservatee, appear and be heard concerning all matters relating to the conservatorship.

L.1983, c. 192, s. 1, eff. May 23, 1983.
3B:13A-8. Designation of conservator The court may appoint a person or a financial institution, qualified under the laws of this State to act as a fiduciary, as the conservator of the conservatees estate. If the court appoints a conservator, it shall do so in the following order of priority:

a. A person or financial institution nominated or designated by the conservatee;

b. The conservatees spouse;

c. One or more of the conservatees adult children, or where there are none, the person or persons closest in degree of kinship to the conservatee; or

d. Some other proper person or financial institution as the court shall determine.

The court may, in its discretion, deviate from this order of priority if a potential conservator is unable or unwilling to serve or for some other good cause.

L.1983, c. 192, s. 1, eff. May 23, 1983.
3B:13A-9. Acceptance of appointmentBefore letters of conservatorship are issued, the conservator shall accept the appointment in accordance with the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey.